Orange Wood Cuticle & Nail Tool

Featured in the Clean Beauty Box POLISHED

25 Biodegradable Sticks

A must have tool for a flawless manicure and pedicure. Orange wood cuticle sticks are made in the USA from Northern White Birch, which yields a high tensile strength while being smooth to the touch. Perfect for gently pushing back cuticles to create a clean canvas for color and cleaning under the nail. These little multi-taskers also come in handy for cleaning up any polish that may have ended up on your skin. You'll be wondering how you ever got along without them before.

To Use:
 After soaking the cuticles in warm water and applying cuticle balm, wrap the end of the beveled edge with a small piece of organic cotton and very gently push the cuticles back. The pointed end can be used as a cleaning tool for under the nails. May be used on both fingers and toes. Discard after use.