LilFox Botanicals Siberian Fur Crystal Bath

Featured in the Special Edition Gift Box LUXE

8 oz.

Made with a collection of Himalayan salts, dead sea salts, and French Noirmoutier sea salts, the finest therapeutic salts the earth has to offer. The aroma of Siberian fur is uplifting yet calming to the senses. The bright evergreen and Norwegian pine scents intermingle with soothing aromas of fresh lavender flower fields to transport you to ultimate relaxation.

To Use: To Use: Drop 1-2 spoonfuls in hot bath and drift into dreamland.

Dead sea salt crystals, Himalayan salt crystals, French Noirmoutier sea salts*, Chrystalllized salt, Siberian Fur Essential Oil Blend Of Norwegian Pine*, Conifers* + *** + Lavender* *certified organic **unsprayed Free of parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

Vegan/Cruelty Free.