Graydon Face Food


Graydon’s unscented mineral formula intensifies hydration, keeping your face rejuvenated and restored. Formulated with four key ionic minerals that quickly absorb into the sub-vascular layer of the skin for deep hydration. Copper helps the production of collagen and is involved in the production of elastin to keep skin supple. Silver effectively penetrates skin cells to kill bacteria and help neutralize harmful sodium-fluoride found in the drinking water with which you wash your face. Magnesium helps to combat skin allergies and zinc decreases inflammation by helping to stop chronic bacterial infections that can cause one’s face to appear red and blotchy.

“Things like stress, lack of sleep and difficult-to-digest foods can instantaneously deplete the skin of its youthful moisture and minerals. I love including this powerhouse formula of critical minerals to replenish that dewy glow.” - Leah Kirpalani, founder of Good Life.

To Use: Mist your face after cleansing and applying moisturizer or serum.

 Ingredients: purified water (aqua), magnesium chloride (from concentrated sea water), ionic copper (cuprum), ionic silver (argentum), ionic zinc (zinc).