Aer Blue Tansy + Babassu Balancing Whipped Oil (Serum)

Live Botanical

  • 30ml

    The Blue Tansy + Babassu Balancing Whipped Oil (Serum) is a blend of protective antioxidant rich oils and clearing botanicals. Formulated for those who need to balance dry or combination skin plus need extra support for breakouts. Makes a wonderful day moisturizer for most skin types. For dryer skin, use on top of your facial oils.

    A rich and very firm textured balm that turns into a lightweight oil on contact with the warmth from your skin. The scent is fruit filled with herbal undertones.

    Blue Tansy - where the serum gets it's blue hue from and highly effective at controlling inflammation. Antihistamine properties support skin that tends to be more reactive to external environmental factors.

    Babassu - a rich oil that creates a protective barrier to maintain moisture, keeping skin hydrated. Rated low on the comedogenic scale allowing your skin breath.

    A blend of unrefined, cold pressed superfood oils that lean higher in linoleic acid to provide the overall lightness and enhance the protective and clearing properties.

    Note: Keep away from heat and direct light.  If the product liquifies, cool in the fridge for about 15 minutes.  Once you take it out, it should remain firm indefinitely. Color may vary from batch to batch, ranging in blue, teal and mint.

  • After hydrating your skin with a serum and/or toner, scoop a tiny amount of the serum on your hands and rub gently until it turns into light oil serum.  Press oil into skin focusing on areas that need the most hydration.  It should absorb quickly with an almost matte finish.

  • Ingredients: Bababssu Oil*, Cranberry Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Passion Fruit Seed Oil*, Infusions of Lavender*, Lemon Balm* and Self-Heal*, Essential oils of Blue Tansy*, Juniper Berry and Lavender*


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